Monday, April 29, 2019

Photo Journal - Madrid and Toledo

Hi, I'm back with the last post from our Spring Break adventures in Spain - See pictures from Andalucia here and here

We left Andalucia for Madrid but before, we stopped in Toledo for the day

Toledo is a popular day trip from Madrid so the main squares are packed with people... If you go away from the main squares though, it's actually really easy to find yourself all alone in a maze of narrow streets. This was V's favorite town

A cafe con leche and churros was an afternoon mandatory treat

Madrid - The name of the game while visiting Madrid was... Walking, and walking we did

You remember the picture from this post? Here we are again... 17 years later (it was a little cooler this time around)

M, always the clown 

Madrid is a pretty grand town, don't you think? I love it

We checked out Mercado de San Miguel but decided to have lunch somewhere else... To use V's words... "It's like having lunch in Krog Street Market" (fancy and expensive). We checked it out and decided to share some "raciones" somewhere else, thank you very much.
El Retiro

Palacio de Cristal
Here we are again... 

True story: One hour before this picture was taken we were having some coffee waiting for a storm to pass by. That meant that the Palacio de Cristal was closed for safety reasons. It just so happened that by the time we made it there, it had just opened so we had it all to ourselves... This place is gorgeous

Reina Sofia was our choice of museum to visit while in Madrid (V's choice mostly, I was happy to go back to either El Prado or Reina Sofia since I have been to both of them in the past)... We had to narrow it down to just one... M is not too keen on going to museums (as previously documented here)

Lots of Dalis, Picassos, Miros... I love this museum

Some more snapshots from around town
I told you those churros are addictive little suckers (at Chocolateria San Gines)

Some pictures from Madrid's quirky neighbourhoods: Lavapies, La Chueca and our home based of Malasana.
"We are what we do to change what we are"

This concludes our Spring Break adventure in Spain. In an effort to keep things real I wanted to mention that this trip did not go without a hitch (man makes plans, gods laughs, and all that...). Planes get delayed, flights get missed, other flights are full, one had to rent a car and drive 10 hours. But after all was done and I laid my head on my pillow the day we made it home I could not feel anything but gratitude for the opportunity to do this with this family of mine. Gratitude for my kids, they prove to me everyday that they are resilient, I am so proud of them. Gratitude for my partner in crime for being the yin to my crazy yang. We are getting really good at this guys... Let's keep it going, for as long as we can.

Adios Espana, until we meet again

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Ah and yes, I included some film pictures. I think you can spot them, can't you?