Sunday, December 10, 2017

Photo Journal - London

Ah beautiful, gorgeous, expensive London… I've missed you!! Last time there, 2009… It's been too long

Since this was not our first rodeo, we didn’t feel the need to cram a bunch of stuff to do while in London. I did however, want to enjoy our time there with meaningful activities that did not cost a lot of money (because, as I said before, its expensive-even with the favorable exchange rate!).

In the past, when we've been to London, we visited the Tower of London, rode the London Eye, saw the change of the guard, perused the markets (Portobello and Camden), ate our share of pub and Indian food, so this time was more leisurely.

Here is a fun list of things we got to do while in London:

Since we were staying in the Shoreditch district (East London), we started our walk at Brick Lane. This little street is so cool, very diversely ethnic, with markets for foods and unique British knick-knacks (even the husband found himself a bargain)
This street is famous for the gorgeous murals everywhere (I have a thing for murals), so we took them all in. See lots more on instagram

Side note: The whole time I was on this street, all I could think about was the song from The Killers - "All the things that I've done" filmed right on Brick Lane

Brandon Flowers wanna be

We walked by the Tower of London
Cross over the Tower Bridge
Jubilee Walkway

Stopped on Borough Market for some mulled wine for us and hot chocolate for the kids

Gorgeous Millennium Bridge (my favorite bridge… Totally pedestrian)

Saint Paul Cathedral
Busy Fleet Street

And mind the gap...

Covent Garden, Seven Hills, Neal's Yard - We had lunch here and did a little bit of shopping too… I think the Christmas cheer everywhere did it for me

Not sure what was happening here

Victoria Embankment

Something I did not want to compromise on was the museums. We did not get to visit them the last time here… The kids were too small, and the weather was so nice… We wanted to spend it all in the outdoors. But since this time we were in London in the Fall, we thought, this is the time to enjoy the world class (and I really mean, world class) museums that London has to offer. And did I mention that they are free, yes! Free… what a noble concept, top notch art to be enjoyed by all…

The British Library - We did a quick stop here (that's all you need). Friends, don't miss this if you are in London. Think Magna Carta, the Gutenberg's bible, King James Bible, lyrics from the Beatles… And all free! (oh wait, I already said that)

The British Museum and the incredibly impressive collection of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Assyrian art

Do you want to have the place all to yourself? Get there as soon as it opens… You can take pictures to your heart's desire

The National Gallery - By the time we got here, the kids were begging us to stop…. Here is proof
Nevertheless, we persisted...
Mischievous little boy...

Photographing the Dutch Masters - The Impressionist Hall was our favorite by far

We kept them going with promises of a proper High Tea, ah who am I kidding… I wanted to do it more than them… Yummy treats and cakes and sandwiches and scones and clotted cream… Yes to all! We had ours at the National Cafe. It was lovely. Reservations are recommended, though. We made ours as soon as we arrived at the National Gallery. Took our time at the different halls and then made our way to the cafe... No waiting, easy peasy.

More walking around, at Trafalgar square. Fascinating to see all the action going on… London is great for people watching…
That concludes the great escape of Thanksgiving 2017. We did not miss eating turkey at all… But something I was shocked by, was all the talk of Black Friday sales… Seriously? Europe too? But for all the complaining I did, I took advantage of it… Like I was going to leave Italy without any Italian goods at a bargain price... Yeah right.

Here is a list of our previous trips on Thanksgiving break

2016 Patagonia and Buenos Aires (this time last year we were driving around Palermo in Buenos Aires, this time, we were in Palermo Italy)
2015 Bermuda
2014 Southwest Texas
2013 Mexico City
2012 Arizona

So did the stars align to allow us to get such cheap tickets to London? Or was it all Brexit's doing? I do not know. Who am I to question the travel gods? All I know is that I got a deal that I could not pass up. I am currently on the hunt for more deals. Stay tuned for more travel adventures.

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  1. So glad you all had a great time!! I love London and can't wait to take the kids!! Hope you all are doing well!!


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