Monday, May 1, 2017

Through their Eyes - The Balkans Part I

For Spring Break we packed our backpacks and went to Croatia (and now I can check off another item from the - never ending - bucket list). Now that I have spent meaningful time there... I want to go back and see more!!! Not only did we visit Croatia though, we also visited Bosnia and Montenegro. Such a great time. Here are some pictures. Let's start, shall we?

First off, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visiting beautiful Mostar

I cannot even, that was the views from our Airbnb place, just fantastic.
Here is the view at night

And our host? He was so helpful and friendly, check out the breakfast he prepared for us. Amazing!

More scenes from Mostar... So many pictures of the old bridge (Stari Most). It is just so stunning.
By the way, people jump from this bridge to the river... Crazy!

This little town was damaged and beautifully reconstructed after the war, it is well worth a visit

Coppersmiths' Street

Road tripping through Bosnia's countryside.

Stopping in Blagaj's Turkish dervishes monastery

A little bit of hiking in Pocitelj to check out some Turkish baths
This view! It reminded me of France's Dordogne Region

Continuing on to Croatia, one word... Dubrovnik...
So much to see in Dubrovnik

Entering the old city through Pile Gate

Walking the old city walls

And getting lost on the little streets

Want some advice if you are planning on visiting Croatia? Go in the Spring! The weather was just wonderful (a little chilly in the mornings - Nothing a sweater could not fix) and best of all, no crowds!!! Now, I know you don't believe me so check these pictures out... I cannot imagine going there in the Summer... You would miss out on all this charm with all the people around!
A strolling Stradun Promenade... 

This little guy was running like a maniac everywhere... Nothing stops him. Best time ever.
Of course, unless there is ice cream...
For mom and dad, we found this little gem (through a hole in the seaward wall - No kidding - perched on a cliff, right above the sea). We went there a couple of times (watching the sunset from here was incredible)
Walking the waterfront before dinner

Taking a boat to Lokrum for some hiking and exploring

Best picnic spot ever!
Lots of cute animals to pet

By the way, if you are a Game of Thrones' fan, you would love Lokrum and Dubrovnik. Many scenes are filmed there!

I have more pictures to share so, stay tuned.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The kids are getting so much older looking!


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