Monday, December 5, 2016

Through their Eyes - Patagonia

Argentina has been on my wish list for quite some time and since my friend Maria moved down there, I had to make it possible... It only took us 4 years... The main reason was because the prices were really high but finally the stars alined and I was able to find reasonably priced tickets. Now, never mind that we had to go via Miami (nightmarish, I hate that airport) and Santiago (super easy) or Lima on the way back (too long of a lay over)... But for the sake of a cheap ticket... I am willing to do anything.

To decide where to go in Argentina was my next issue. There are tons of things to do there and the country is so large... you have to allow a lot of time for a  flight anywhere. Patagonia was always a strong contender (ever since Maria showed me pictures of her trip to Perito Moreno, I wanted to go). So, we decided that is where we had to go and, like you could imagine it was a fantastic experience, just breathtaking, I let the pictures do the talking...

Visiting bird sanctuary of Laguna Nimez, El Calafate

Being awestruck by the marvels of Perito Moreno Glacier, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, El Calafate

Walking the pasarellas for a close up look at the Glacier - Experiencing the cracking of the ice was so exciting

Going on an ice trekking expeditions  (I totally recommend it!!!)
Look at the view from this picnic spot! Cannot be beat

Los Peritos Sands!

Spending 3 fabulous days in gorgeous El Chalten - We totally lucked out on the weather - Patagonia's weather is notorious for being windy and unpredictable... We had great weather and very little wind... can you say lucky?

Look at this mountain range... Inspiration for the logo of the famous brand also named Patagonia

Our little cabana in El Chalten

Hiking incredibly demanding Laguna de los Tres (via El pilar)

Glacier Piedras Blanca

We arrived at our destination, well worth the hike

Distance: from El Pilar to Laguna de los tres and back to El Chalten via Laguna Capri is 20 kms - 12.4 miles

More gorgeous views during the hike

Laguna Capri

Hiking to Laguna Torre

Mirador Cascada Margarita

An easy hike (mostly flat) but after the hike to Laguna de los tres, my knees were really complaining

Taking a break to refill our bottles with glacier water

Our destination! Laguna Torre

Distance to Laguna Torre and back: 10 Kms - 6.2 miles

Visiting el Chorillo del Salto

Hiking Mirador de los Condores to spot, you guessed it, many condors... Oh my god, so cool!!!

I got a picture!!!! Can you believe it?

Distance to Mirador de los Condores and back: 4 Kms - 2.4 Miles

Other animals spotted... Guanacos (lots of them)

Gorgeous right? Ah, I miss it so much... This part of Argentina will always have a special place in my heart... I absolutely loved it there

I have more to share... We spent the rest of our time in Argentina in Buenos Aires, Ah... What a cool town that is. More to come.

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