Sunday, June 19, 2016

Through their Eyes - The Algarve

Back again for another edition of Through their Eyes where I documents my kids (and mine, as it seems) favorite activities when visiting a new town/country.

We went to Portugal. Portugal has been on my wish list for a long, long time... We scored great tickets thanks to Turkish Airlines who recently starting offering really reasonably priced flights from Atlanta. Plus, we got to spend a little time in Istanbul... Which I'll share with you later. But now, let me share some pictures from our time in the Portugal's Algarve. We, once again, lucked out with the weather. Our time there was relaxing, really fantastic, here without further ado, are our pictures from the Algarve:

Walking around sleepy Salema

Spending the day in gorgeous Tavira - We had one of our best meals in this little town. It goes without saying... Portuguese food is Amazing!!!

Being awestruck by the beauty of the beaches surrounded by dramatic cliffs. At Praia Camilo and Ponte da Piedade

Taking in the view of the gorgeous landscape by boat - We explored many caves, really cool caves
We squeezed our boat through this opening... Really cool
Cave of love... (almost all the caves have names. So gorgeous)

Pinch me... We spent the afternoon in this gorgeous cave. The famous Benagil Cave. Check that off from the bucket list. So gorgeous in there

The little man had a blast exploring it...

Taking in the view from land. Hiking from Praia Marinha to Praia de Benagil - Taking a break at every beach we could, some of them, accessible by entering really dark/really dark caves. A cool adventure for sure

Checking out the landscape from a different perspective

Beach bumming in Praia Luz - We needed a break from hiking and boating, this seemed like a reasonable spot
Hunting for crabs and barnacles...
Early morning walks from our home base in the Algarve - Lagos

On our way to Lisbon, we stopped in the region of Alentejo for the day...

Enjoying the day in the Roman town of Evora

We left those two here while we went to check the wine store - Next time we'll have the wine there instead of taking it with us.

Visiting the archeological site of Cromeleque dos Almendres - Totally unexpected. It reminded me of Avebury and Castlerigg in England.

I hope you liked the pictures... There are more from Lisbon and a little bit of Istanbul too on the next post

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  1. Awesome pictures. I especially loved the cave pics. You need to frame and hang some of those. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  2. Love it! So glad you all had a great time!


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