Thursday, May 12, 2016

Through Their Eyes - Peru Part II

Continuing with our adventures in Peru... Here comes the best part... (see Part I here)

Taking a drive in the Sacred Valley

Getting lost in the beautiful streets of Ollantaytambo

Of course, more kick butt ruins - Ollantaytambo

Hanging out in Aguas Calientes or Machu Pichu pueblo (home base for the Sanctuary of Machu picchu), soaking in thermal water, getting lost in the little streets

Hiking Machu Picchu mountain... The views from the top were incredible.

Taking in one of the New Seven Wonders of the World - Machu Picchu. Simply stunning - Best of all... Stay until the park closes so you can have the sanctuary all to yourself.

Picnicking with this view... Not too shabby...

Taking breaks with the view of the mountains... I could spend a whole other day

Other hikes not to be missed in Machu Picchu... The Inca Bridge and the Sun Gate. Both provide gorgeous vistas

The food... Friends, we did not, could not, hold back... It was so delicious, best when purchased at the markets... Sampling everything possible was the name of the game here... We had to try it all.

Let me not forget our super awesome stays in Ollantaytambo and Cusco found via Airbnb (of course) look at the view from the terrace of our apartment in Cusco. Cannot recommend them enough!!!
Super cool to meet and hangout with the locals. Lunch from Ms Sonia in Ollantaytambo was fantastic!!!

That it for Peru! We will miss you and can't wait to go back. Hopefully soon.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Through Their Eyes - Peru Part I

A big bucket list item can be checked off!!!! We went to Peru for Spring Break and what a break from the ordinary it was. We concentrated our vacation on the Sacred Valley and it turned out to be a great idea. Yes, we only went to the Sacred Valley and missed other fabulous locations but really, there wasn't enough time to see everything Peru has to offer. I guess we have to go back. Anyway, our time there was unhurried and we enjoyed every minute of it. Here, without further ado are the favorite things we did in Peru's Sacred Valley

Strolling colonial Cusco - This town, My god... It was stunning.

Cusco is the gate to the Sacred Valley, it is a cannot-be-missed destination, if you ask me... But go at your own risk. The altitude can be brutal, not for my kids though... They laughed in the face of the evil altitude sickness, I tell ya. Nothing can stop those two. I, on the other hand, it knocked me on my butt. Fortunately, just one day so we followed doctors orders (take it easy, rest a lot, drink lots of coca leave tea and eat light) and by the following day, I was feeling like new.

Touring incredible amazing Inca ruins in Cusco such as Qurikancha, Saksaywaman, Puka Pukara among others... They are so many...

Visiting the Inca ruins of Pisac

Shopping for little treasures at the markets

Taking pictures with super cute animals (I mean, how could you not...) and making friends with the locals

Learning about textile making in Chinchero

Dressing up is never out of the question

Learning about experimental cropping in Moray - It is all about quinoa on these parts

And salt extraction in Maras

This is it for this post. I have more pictures and Machu Picchu... Coming up next. Stay tuned

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