Thursday, July 2, 2015

Through their eyes - Dordogne Valley

I'm back with more pictures, this time from the Perigord region of France on the Dordogne Valley. After leaving the language comfort of Spain, we worried about being able to enjoy our stay in France - without knowing how to communicate - but don't let your heart be troubled... Out of our time in Europe, France (even without being able to speak French) was by far the most relaxing, invigorating and simply amazing of our two weeks vacation... France never disappoints, never. See more pictures from our last trip to France's Burgundy region here and Paris here and here

Here are the kids' favorites from the Perigord region:

Market day in Sarlat. We rented a house via Airbnb and it was just outside where the market took place. It took over a large part of the city... So great for picnic supplies

Visiting the prehistoric caves of Font de Gaume and Grotte de Rouffignac. Incredible amazing Cro-Magnon frescos. We felt so privileged to be able to get tickets to see these magnificent murals... Tickets are hard to come by. We also spent the morning in the Museum of prehistory - Great way to put the painting into perspective

Canoeing on the Dordogne River... This was by far our favorite activity. We rented our canoes and stopped at all the medieval towns along the way to explore and have lunch and ice cream, ah, so dreamy... Believe or not, we were the only ones on the river... How was that even possible?... It was so beautiful there

Hiking medieval town along the Dordogne river

Walking along the Dordogne river, stopping for picnics and playing on the banks of the river while we relaxed in the shade

More picnicking, sometimes with company

And speaking of food, we enjoyed it immensely. The food from this region of France was a big hit with our kids... Really! We always ordered the plat du jour and were always pleasantly surprised. The kids ate their weight in foie gras, duck confit, cassoulet among others delicious dishes.

Visiting and getting lost on the gardens of Chateau de Marquesysac

Branching off from Perigord and daytripping to the Medieval town of Carcassonne

Oh France, we miss you so much... Up next, pictures from Barcelona...

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