Monday, June 29, 2015

Through their eyes - Basque Country

Hi there! I can't wait to share with you the pictures from our recent trip to Spain and France. We had a great time as you can imagine.... It was so awesome there, words cannot describe. Let the pictures do the talking shall we? I'm starting with Basque County. I honestly had no idea how fantastic this place is. We enjoyed our time in San Sebastian, Bilbao, Hondarribia and San Juan de Luz immensely... Here, without further ado, are the kids favorite activities while visiting the Basque Country

Strolling Paseo de la Concha, San Sebastian

Hiking Monte Urgull for amazing views of the city, San Sebastian

Getting lost in casco viejo: stopping for churros, visiting Museo de San Telmo among the many thing we did

Shopping for picnic supplies in Mercado de la Bretxa, San Sebastian

Enjoying the Pintxos... OMG, the food was simply amazing
Taking in the view of San Sebastian from Monte Igueldo

Visiting the Guggenheim, Bilbao. Do I need to say more? OK, I guess two words... Jeff Koons... My God... The kids (and I) had a blast seeing all the whimsical structures

And Richard Serra's Matter of Time you ask?... We loved getting lost in them

Leisure walk from Las Siete Calles to the Guggenheim via Paseo de Volantin, Bilbao

Spending the day in Hondarribia and San Juan de Luz on our way to France and enjoying (among other things) my new favorite: Gateaux Basque - This cake is amazing...

And this was just the first 3 days you guys... I still have a post from our time in France and another post for our time in Barcelona... Ah, we miss it all...

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  1. Amazing pictures:) Tina

  2. Beautiful pictures! I can't believe how old Veronica looks now!!!


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