Friday, July 25, 2014

Through their eyes - Guatemala Part II

Back with more pictures from Guatemala, this time from the Highlands, most specifically, Lago Atitlan. Here, without further ado, are the kids' favorites from Lake Atitlan:

Home basing in Panajachel - Perfect place for exploring lake Atitlan

Hiking on Atitlan Nature Reserve - Panajachel

Taking a boat tour around the towns of lake Atitlan

Visiting: Santa Cruz de la Laguna - With all kinds of beautiful and friendly faces

San Juan de la Laguna - with a great market

San Marcos de la Laguna - Learning all about harvesting coffee and making textiles all the organic and old fashioned way... Really amazing

Santiago Atitlan

Meeting Maximon... Just because, we gotta. You should have seen the kids faces... Just too funny... Mami, what is this again?

Bargain hunting in Chichicastenango

Market day at Solola

Trying all the ways of transportation: chicken buses, boats and tuc-tucs(being the favorite of all)

All the markets reminded me of Turkey. See what other places Guatemala reminded of here.

Want to see more pictures from our travels? Check my Instagram here. All Through their eyes posts here.

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