Monday, June 30, 2014

Through their eyes - Alaska Part II

Back with more Alaska pictures and our kiddos' favorite, just because there were so many...

Hiking Kenai Fjords National Park and being awestruck by its changing landscape - Exit glacier - Seward

Borrowing the "Art for the park backpack" loaded with awesome art supplies for a kiddo that is nuts about art, and of course, more badges - Seward

Boat tour into Kenai Fjord National Park and enjoying tons of wildlife at Resurrection Bay:

Sea Otter

Eagles, Humpback whales

Puffins (you like puffins like we do? see more here and here)

And a close look at Holgate Glacier - Seward

Indulging in the fabulous seafood - Homer

More wildlife... As in eagles everywhere - Homer

More hiking, this time in Kenai National Wildlife refuge, Soldotna

Taking in the view of magnificent Kachemack Bay State Park - Homer
Unfortunately, the day we where planning on going there for a hike the weather was so bad. We were very disappointed about that, which could only mean we must return to Alaska to do that hike... We can only dream...

Alaska was a great adventure that we will not soon forget but unfortunately very expensive to experience... I tried friends, I really tried to keep it as economical as possible but some things are just impossibly expensive (think flight seeing tour, boat tour, lodging, etc). We bit the bullet, we will not soon forget those experiences but it will be awhile until we get to go there again... Unless another crazy sale comes up... Never say never.

With that said, We are going to Guatemala next... Now, that is what I call cheap travel... More details soon.

Want to see more pictures of our travels, check out my Instagram feed. Also, more favorites from our travels here

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