Thursday, June 26, 2014

Through their eyes - Alaska Part I

So, we just came back from Alaska and what an adventure it was. We lucked out with good weather (except for one day of rain that we used to recoup) overall, we took advantage of our time there to  the max...

Visiting the Iditarod headquarters and playing with the Alaskan Husky puppies, I mean, you know we gotta- Wasilla

Speaking of the Alaskan Huskies, attending the sled dog demonstration at Denali National Park - This was awesome!
 Of course, taking selfies with the doggies

Hiking in Denali National Park. Our favorite hike being Savage River trail

Taking a shuttle tour into Denali National Park, the views friends, so stunning

But the wildlife... Simply amazing:

Grizzly mama bear and cubs

Moose mama and calf

Arctic ground squirrel

Dall sheep

Checking out the "Discovery backpack" to explore in the park and earning one more national park badge

Taking in the view of Denali National Park from the air (flightseeing tour)

And from landing on a glacier

What about Mt Mckinley, you ask? This temperamental mountain range can be hard to be seen at any point in time... Lucky for us, we got to enjoy it from the air and from land... Lucky, lucky...

I got more pictures from the second leg of our trip, so stay tuned for that. Check all "through their eyes" posts here and follow me on Instagram here for even more travel pictures.

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