Friday, October 11, 2013

Menu for the week

Red lentil and bulgur wheat soup with mint/Pita bread, Moussaka
Lahmacum (Turkish pizza)/Tzatziki sauce
Homemade falafel with tomatoes, onions and spinach on lavash wraps/Tzatziki sauce
Fettuccini with roasted red pepper and cream sauce


Aldi $24
Costco $25
Kroger $30
Middle Eastern market $20

Hiatus is over... Did you miss me? Life has been busy and inspiration is nowhere to be found. To try to jog it a little, the husband and I went on a date night to a Turkish cooking class... It was fun and delicious so, this week we'll cook all the items we learned to cook at the class, together... So yummy.

Have a good week everybody

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