Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We are back...

Ok, let me put our vacation to Canada in context for you... We had such a good time that, there were days that we were asking each other, what day is this? Seriously... So much fun... Our neighbors to the North are a friendly bunch... Really, really nice! Who knew? All it took was to go visit to realize how nice those Canadians are...
Our awesome vacation did not go without a hitch:
  1. One night we went to bed so tired that I forgot to remove my contacts... Only to develop a (painful) ulcer on my eye. Act of kindness # 1: Stopping in the little town of Sussex, NB and being checked (without an appointment) by a really nice opthalmologist, a sweet, sweet lady that even asked me to return for a second check up (and gave me a tip where to buy the best sticky buns, ever!). She only charged me 35 CAD... Who does that? So thankful for her.
  2. After making the trek to Grand Manan Island, NB we missed the trip for whale watching. Act of kindness # 2: We met a couple of guys that decided to take us on their boat... Just the four of us. Not only did we learn a lot about the area but they took us to pull lobster traps, went fishing, saw a whale and even a bald eagle... They saved the day! So big thank you to those guys... We had a great time getting to know them. If you ever go to Grand Manan Island you should check them out!
See... I told you those Canadians are a nice bunch... So glad we got to go and find out for ourselves.

Ok, now we are back to the grind... And day dream about the next place to visit... In the mean time, will you indulge me while I share pictures from our trip to Canada? Tomorrow, a look through our kiddos eyes - Nova Scotia. Also, I am working on a post about New Brunswick and much more to share.

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Have a good week everybody!

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  1. ajjajajaa que foto tan linda!! cuanto los quiero y extraño!! Besos y besitos y besotes


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