Friday, August 30, 2013

Menu for the week

Guinness beef stew/ Roasted potatoes
Burgers/Mexican roasted corn/Oven roasted garden veggies
Vegetarian chilli/Salad
Cheese Pizza/Salad

Aldi $28
Costco $40
Super H $6
Publix $10

This past week can be described as the week from hell. So we are looking forward to the holiday weekend. For starters, the husband and I are going on a date night... Looking forward to dinner at Pricci... and the Improv club after that. Saturday will be all about the little man's birthday. We are hitting the car early in the morning to go to North Carolina for whitewater rafting... It's going to be fun. Sunday we'll hang out with our neighbors... And Monday... I am hoping to stay in bed late and do absolutely nothing...

I hope your weekend is good for you too

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