Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hiking Cappadocia - Part I

I wanted to write a little bit about hiking in Cappadocia because I found very little information about it on the internet when I was doing my research. It came as a surprise to me that even though Cappadocia is a popular destination for tourists, we hiked alone for miles before we saw anybody. I read that there were no good maps for self guided hikes and that the best alternative was to use a guide. Although guides are a great option, using them for every hike would have been very expensive so we decided to use a combination of things...

Here are our favorite hikes:

Pigeon Valley - Connects Goreme and Uchisar (starts right off the bus station in Goreme), this was an easy hike, we did it on our own. It took us 3 hours round trip not counting the stops for tea along the way and lunch in Uchisar. Great place to see pigeon houses.

Rose Valley - Start at the Kaya Camping ground right up the hill from the Goreme Open Air Museam and it connects Goreme and Cavusin. Its name comes from the color of the rock formations which varies in hue and intensity depending on time of day, season and weather conditions... This one was longer and it went all the way to the Red Valley. This is a rugged hike but oh so worth it. There are a few caves with frescoes worth checking out and a few tea "houses" a long the way. The paths are not very well maintained but that added to the adventurous feel of it all... We walked alone most of the way... It was a beautiful hike through pink rock formations, cave-tunnels, pigeon houses, caves with frescoes and small creeks.

Red Valley - Since we did not hike all the way to the Red Valley from the Rose Valley we decided to go there from the Sunset Point located between Urgup and Nevsehir. We got there a couple of hours before sunset... It was simply stunning. We parked our car... walked around for a bit and enjoyed the sunset with a glass of wine (available right there, Turkey is awesome that way)... Now, that is the way to end a hike...

Ok, I have one more post about hiking in Cappadoccia... It is so stunning there... Come back tomorrow for Part II.

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