Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Through their eyes - Capadoccia

I am back with the last "Through their eyes" post from Turkey - See the first one here. This time from fairy tale Cappadocia. I hope you like the pictures and the info.

Derinkuyu underground city... Perfect for little humans
Hiking - If you like hiking... This place is like a little piece of heaven. Amazing valleys with pigeon houses, interesting natural structures, caves with beautiful frescoes... There is so much to see there... I am currently working on a post about hiking in Cappadocia so if you are planning a trip there... You definitely want to check it out!

Hiking breaks for apple tea/orange juice:
Turkish Night - I cannot say enough about this... So, so awesome:

Staying in a cave hotel - Goreme

Visiting breathtaking Open Air Museam in Goreme - The frescoes in these caves were just incredible.
Hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia - Need I say more?
Camel ride, say what? This was totally random yet so awesome!

If you are thinking about going to Turkey with your kids I would definitely recommend it! Turkey is one of the most kid friendly places we have ever been... My kids were treated with so much kindness by everybody. Additionally, all attractions for the kids were either free or significantly reduced... I think it has to do with their culture... They include their kids in every aspect of their lives... To use my friend's words while I expressed concerns about bringing our kids to the Turkish night, he said: "Nobody will care if you have your kids there, because we take our kids everywhere... They (the kids) don't have a choice"... I like the way they think!

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