Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Through their eyes - Istanbul

Due to the amount of pictures and the ton of fun things we got to enjoy while visiting Turkey, I have decided to split this post into two: Istanbul and Cappadocia. So here they are, some of my kids favorite activities while visiting beautiful Istanbul:

Visiting the Spice Market and Grand Bazaar - An experience for all the senses

One word: Pomegranates! Whether it was in juice form (pomegranate/orange was a favorite), salads or vinagrettes... Delicious.
Visiting the mosques (something about wearing a head scarf made this little girl of mine very excited). The proud mama in me thinks is that she is respectful of other cultures and religions but honestly, I think, she just thought it was fun to wear a head scarf...
Ferry ride on the Bosphorous to the town of Anadulu Kavagi on the Asian side of Istanbul, the last town before entering the Black Sea. Once there, climbing all the way to the Yoros Castle to take in the view... Awesome!

Views of the city from the Galata Tower, made even more special by reaching the summit at sunset... Simply spectacular!

Taking in the the local scene at Istiklal Caddesi... Crowded yet fun for watching young, fun Istanbul (the little side streets are not to be missed).
All the food was pretty fantastic (this friends, is an understatement...) but the kids favorite, can you guess? Turkish ice cream (Dondurma), made better by the fun way it is served (see a video here). The kids love the show as much as they love the ice cream. An experience not to be missed.

And lastly, getting together with friends who took time from their busy schedules to show us a little slice of their town and to answer the million questions we had about Turkish culture... I will treasure the time we spent together!!!... They made our time in Istanbul much more memorable. I hope we get to see them again soon!
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