Friday, June 28, 2013

Menu for the week

Burgers/Corn on the cob/Tomato and cucumber salad
Vegetarian chilli
Fettucini with meat sauce


Aldi $29
Costco $20
Kroger $6

So, confession time... I have been in a funk as of late... I can't pin point the reason for it but I need to get my act together (when I think of all the things we did last Summer... All I can think is: What's going on with me? Get it together girl!) So here is what I am planning on doing this weekend... Not guilt:

Double date with friends... We are going here, last time we were there we had an epic time... Will try to replicate it.
Maybe a brunch at South City Kitchen?... I have been dying to try this place.
While the husband and the littlest go do their thing and Miss V goes on an art making frenzy with her bestie I will go and get a pedicure, yep... No guilt, remember?
I might even summarize all of it with a "Pictures from the Weekend" post... Ok, don't hold your breath on that one.

And for a little perspective, I leave you with this... Take the time to watch it... It is lovely (more about her here)
Have a good weekend everybody!

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