Thursday, May 16, 2013

Easy pillow cover

This pillow was so easy to make... I did not take many pictures. I will explain it step by step, in case you want to give this a try:

You need:

Pillow form - I used 18"x18" (these go on sale 50% off quite often at Joanns)
Fabric for both the front and back of the pillow - I have been wanting a Union Jack pillow for a while so on our trip to England, last year, I got myself a tea towel and turned it into a pillow, I used regular white fabric for the back.

  1. Before cutting the fabric use a ruler to draw the outline of the pillow with a fabric pencil to the exact measument of the pillow form (18x18). Cut allowing 1/2 inch allowance for the seam. Cut two pieces from your backing fabric that are the same length of the pillow, but 4 inches shorter on the width. My pieces were 18 x 14 (with 1/2 inch seam allowance).
  2. Create hems on the 2 shorter pieces by folding the fabric over towards the back 1/2 inch and iron.
  3. Next, lay your front fabric piece face up. Lay one of the backing pieces on top, facing down, so right sides are together. Position the raw edge of the backing piece on the left edge of the front piece. The hemmed edge will be in the middle. Pin in place.
  4. Lay the other backing piece on top with the raw edge aligned with the right edge of the front fabric piece. The hemmed sides will overlap in the middle. Pin in place.
  5. Sew around all four edges using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Remove your pins and trim the corners.
  6. Turn the pillow case right side out. Using the eraser end of a pencil, push your corners out. The pillow case is done! Put your pillow form into the case. The back pieces will overlap nicely in the back.
And you've got a new Union Jack pillow! It's really that easy. Give it a try!

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