Thursday, April 18, 2013

Through their eyes - California Part I

When I think back on all the things we did on this trip to California it feels a little overwhelming. However, our time there was relaxing, fun and most definitely unforgettable. We truly enjoyed ourselves immensely. Exploring National Parks is addictive, I want to see more of them... Here are some highlights of our visit to Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks:

Breathtaking Sequoias... 'nough said

General Sherman and General Grant - Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks:
Grizzly Giant - Yosemite National Park:
Sequoias tunnels - Cheesy? Yes. Fun, even for grown ups? You betcha!!!...

Climbing Moro Rock - Sequoia National Park

Enjoying the very fist view of Yosemite Valley at the Tunnel View stop, simply amazing - Yosemite National Park
Taking the Junior Ranger pledge very seriously (if you have kids, I highly recommend doing the Junior Ranger, it is just such a good way to introduce kids to conservation and preservation) - At Yosemite National Park

Hiking Mist trail all the way to the top of Vernal Falls - Wow, this hike was so much fun, I totally recommend it - Yosemite National Park

Lazing around in the meadow - Among other things we: cloud shape gazed, played bullfights, snoozed off...

Sprinkle in among all of these a few junior ranger badges, beautiful weather, delicious picnic lunches and spotting wildlife everywhere... Ah, I wish I was there right now!

I am currently working on a "Through their eyes" post from San Fransisco, look for it here, next week.

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  1. Beautiful pics! Looks like you all had a great time!


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