Friday, March 22, 2013

Menu for the week

Bean and ham soup/Salad
Black bean tostadas
Pasta with mushroom sauce/Salad
Chicken Shepherd's pie/Salad


Super H $27
Costco $9
Kroger $17

I am very much looking forward to this weekend. Our neighbours invited us over for paella on Saturday night! Great, yes?. Other than that, our weekend will be pretty much dedicated to household maintenance. The backyard overhaul had been put on hold due to rain so, sewing project... I am ready for you!!! I am looking forward to tackling my new obsession: Colored pants (I am so ready for Spring!!!) while the husband and the littlest get a dose of man-time watching basketball... Go at it boys...

I am also looking forward to next week... Monday we are invited to Passover dinner at our friend's house. So honored to be included. I was asked to make a passover dish... I have never done it before??? Maybe Apple-Matzoh Kugel? Or Carrot Kugel? Spinach and Matzo Pie sound good!!! Maybe I'll try that. Share any recipes if you have any... I am nervous about reading a part of the service... In Hebrew!!! Lord have mercy!

We are also looking forward to Easter dinner the following week (You have another religious celebration? heck let us know, we're there!!!) ... I hope the weather cooperates so we can have some fun in the backyard.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

PS, by now I am sure you heard the news, Starting in July, Google Reader will be no longer!!!! If you want to continue reading my blog make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me in Bloglovin or Feedy

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