Friday, March 1, 2013

Menu for the week

Arepas with all the fixings (Slow rosted pork, beef, avocado, cheese... Oh the possibilities)
Pabellon (shredded beef, rice, plantains)
Bulgur wheat with spicy greens/Salad
Lentils and veggie soup/Salad


Aldi $48
Publix $10
Costco $13
Kroger $20

This weekend we are having some friends over for an Arepa bar style party (stuff your arepa with your favorite toppings... Amazing, yes?) So looking forward to it. I will have pictures and a complete report soon. I'll also venture to town to see some of Frida's beautiful paintings... We love Frida Kahlo! We can't wait for that!

By the way, if you live in the ATL and have been wanting to try some arepas (I have talked about Arepas ad naseaum), you should try Arepa Mia. I have not try them yet but I can tell... They are the real deal.

I hope you have a great weekend... See you all next week.

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