Friday, February 1, 2013

Menu for the week

Spaghetti with Summer pesto - Go here for my pesto recipe/Salad
Cuban sandwiches - Made with leftover Pernil/Kale chips
Lettuce tacos with radishes and black beans - Recipe from here... It sounds so good to me!/Avocado dressing
Peruvian chupe/Chopped salad


Aldi $11
Kroger $30
Super H $14

Before I dig in to our plans for the weekend I wanted to share with you what $14 can buy you in the grocery store:
All these fruits/veggies for $14!!! Unlike your regular chain supermarket, Super H Mart (a local Asian food store) does not shy from slashing produce when they are bruised... My gain!!!! Brown spots get removed and I get to make delicious fruit salads and juices... Score! All items packaged came from the discount table. My loot: 2 types of apples, oranges, pomegranates, red peppers, strawberries, blueberries and pears... I'll be juicing up a storm this weekend...

But enough of that, this weekend the kids and I have plans to go out and do some in-town exploring, just the three of us... Wish me luck with all that ;)

On Sunday, I am going to hunker down in the basement and work on getting our storage area cleaned up... Goodwill will be getting a big load of toys and unused items... This has to be done, friends... It's getting out of control down there. I will also try to tackle a mountain of ironing and mending... I will even try to squeeze in some baking... Maybe  this cake? It is an ambitious undertaking... We shall see...

Have a good one everybody!

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