Friday, February 8, 2013

Menu for the week

Chicken lasagna/Salad
White bean soup/Crostini
Spaghetti squash casserole, Oh my oh my... I am really loving spaghetti squash/Salad
Orzo stuffed red peppers/Salad

For my work lunches, I will be whipping up a radish soup with the tons of radishes still left from the bag the husband brought home (Thanks Caroline for the idea!). For other radish recipes, go here and here.


Aldi $39

This weekend will be all about... Moi!!! Hooray for birthdays! I am envisioning starting my day with breakfast in a place I've been wanting to try, a relaxing afternoon at home and finish up the day with a movie (Silver Linings Playbook). I will also force the husband to take pictures of me... God!!! I started to realize how few pictures of me I have. This must be fixed... Pictures of this mama must be kept for posterity ;) Let us see how it goes...

Have a great weekend everybody

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  1. This recipe sounds interesting! Enjoy your birthday!


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