Friday, December 7, 2012

Menu for the week

Roasted chicken with carrots/Mashed potatoes/Steamed broccoli
Chicken and vegetable soup/Salad
Grilled cheese sandwiches/Homemade tomato soup
Chicken Korma/Rice/Vegetables


Kroger $40
Costco $12
Aldi $18
Super H $12

After a very stressful week, this weekend will be all about Christmas. We are planning a visit to the big guy, deliver letters filled with holiday wishes, baking cookies for teachers and neighbors and overall Christmas merriment. The kids are impatienly awaiting the visit of the Elf on the shelf (I can't believe we caved... We are planning on taking advantage of it, big time).

I hope you are getting to enjoy this wonderful time to the max...

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