Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fabric twist ties

Here is a cute way to dress up a celophane bag full with goodies... Make your own twist ties by using scrap fabric.

It's so easy:
  • Cut out the desired template - Found here.
  • Using a sewing pin, pin template to the fabric and cut out the desired shape.
  • Take two pieces of cut out fabric and apply glue to the reverse side of one. Lay down the wire* and then put the other piece of fabric, reverse-side down on top. (*Alternatively, you can use saved up bread bags twist ties)
  • Allow the fabric twist ties to dry completely.
  • Twist on your bag to give it a cute and different look
Find template patterns here. Idea via here

PS: In case you are wondering, this year I baked chocolate rugelach, palmiers and salted butter chocolate chunch cookies.

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