Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures from the weekend

The weather around here has been most definitely Fallish... The colors, the smell in the air, the {sometimes} chilly temperatures and the wind are all proof of it. We drove North in search of beautiful foliage and I can say... We found it...

Here are some pictures of our hike in Unicoi State Park and our visit to Anna Ruby Falls.

We also had a quick detour in Bavaria... Not!

These are some pictures of Helen, GA where we stopped to treat the kids to some ice cream. Helen is a total cheese town... I guess we are the only ones that think that... It was totally packed...

How about you? Have you been enjoying the beautiful Fall weather out there?

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  1. Yea, Helen is cheesy, but it's also fun and cute. It's nicer for weekend getaways (or so I'm told) and for a nice 2 hour ride down the river... late fall of course... otherwise, the water is freeeezing!


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