Friday, November 2, 2012

Menu for the week

Potato soup with bacon and cheddar/Salad
Beef and brocoli/Rice
Shepard's pie/Salad
Oricchete with mushrooms, bacon and peas on a cream sauce/Salad


Aldi $9
Costco $14
Kroger $25

Now, for some ramdon thoughts:

The husband can tell you that one of the things that makes me happiest is an empty refrigerator. Why, you ask? It should be the opposite, right? I love an empty refrigerator because it means all the food for the week was eaten and nothing was wasted. Wasting food is my biggest pet peeve. I see it all the time (at work, at my friends' homes, at the store) and I makes me mad... and sad... Growing up my mom would always find ways to reinvent a meal from left overs... I don't ever remember my mom wasting anything. It rubbed off on me! I hope it rubs off on my kids too...

Watch this video... Something to think about wasting food... Maybe it will inspire you to do something about it.

This weekend, the time will change. I think the consensus in our house is... We will be taking advantage of the extra hour and stay in bed a little longer... Sounds good to me!

See you all next week.

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