Friday, November 30, 2012

Menu for the week

Ground beef tacos/Rice
Fettucini with pesto and zucchini/Salad
Three bean chilli/Salad
Vegetarian Jalfrezi - Recipe from here/Rice

Aldi $37
Costco $15
Super H $14
Kroger $25

December is here and with it the marathon to the big day starts. Some of the activities we are doing this weekend:

Getting the house decorated
Writing letters to Santa
A little shopping
Making treats to be gifted to friends and neighbors

My goal this Christmas is to enjoy it to the max... I will be embracing it with open arms. We'll be busy with  travel to visit family and other projects  (girls night out, holiday luncheons, cookie exchanges) but I will try my best to not be rushed or {too} overscheduled. I am also hoping for some hunkering at the house with the kids enjoying hot chocolate/cider, baking, crafting and such... But I have to say, it's not looking so good thus far, but I can always hope, right? Right!

Have a great weekend everybody

Friday, November 23, 2012


Time for giving thanks is here.

Thanks for health,
Thanks for family,
Thanks for having a job and
Thanks for the enlightenment that travel brings to us, possibly because of all of the above.

This thanksgiving we will be going on a hike to a place that some people may consider the best place in the world for hiking... I'll be the judge of that, I guess you'll have to wait for my thoughts on it.

In the meantime... I will leave you with some pictures from our trip to Puerto Rico.
Come back next week to see them all. I hope you like them.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day. Thank you for following along...