Monday, October 15, 2012

Pictures from the weekend - Part I

Because there is so much to share, I'll give pictures from the last couple of weekends...

Let's start with last weekend:

It took getting free tickets to finally take the kids to the amusement park... The truth is, amusement parks are not my kind of place... Don't get me wrong... I'll go to Disney World any time, but Six Flags, no thanks... Regardless, we came across free tickets, free parking, free food (the whole enchilada) from the husband's job so, we decide to make it a day... As it turned out, it was a lot of fun... Here are some pictures of the day:

After enjoying ourselves inmensely the husband realized, on our way to the car, that we had lost our car keys... That definitely put a damper on our day of fun... But don't let your heart be troubled... We got a call the next day telling us our keys were found... Hooray!!! Our weekend was saved!!! And the husband is out of the dog house... He is the happiest of all, that's how lucky he is.

All pictures from my trusty point and shoot.

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