Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hemming jeans - The easy way

So, when I buy jeans I keep something in mind... What shoes can I wear with them? Different cuts of jeans are made to be worn with different shoes, am I right ladies? I pay close attention to this especially when I am buying a pair that I could use on a vacation or trip... I need to be able to wear them with flats...

I bought a new pair of dark jeans. They fit perfect, only a little long to wear with tennis shoes
It needed to be hemmed, just a smidge (I'm afraid that if I didn't, the bottom of the pants will get worn and not look so nice).

Here is what I did:

Wash your jeans first as new jeans tend to shrink a little once you washed them.

Wear the pair of shoes that you would normally wear with the jeans.

Determine the amount that you want to decrease from the pants. Fold the hem up to the length that you want - In my case, I only needed to hem a little bit - Fold the hem up again and pin in place. Try them on to make sure they are even and that is the length you are looking for
Stitch around each jean leg, through both layers of jean, as close to original hem as possible. Make sure to not stitch on the original hem, but immediately adjacent to it.
Turn folded edges to inside of jean legs and try your jeans on to make sure you're happy with the new length.

Iron the folded edges upward toward the inside of each jean leg. 

Ready!!! Much better, right? No worn out jeans and even better, you can barely notice the difference. Am I right?


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