Monday, October 8, 2012

Back from NYC

Hi Friends, we are back from our epic but quick trip to New York City. I have a couple of fun posts planned... More on that later this week.

Some random thought and observations on New York City:
  • Nobody should eat the way we did on this trip, nobody... I am avoiding the scale at all costs.
  • NYC is the best place for people watching... You see everything there.
  • And speaking of seeing everything in NYC, we spotted a rat in the subway tracks... Our trip was complete.
  • It is incredible how you can be in such a bustling city and cross a street and be in a quiet neighborhood.
  • NYC blocks are so small... You could walk for 10 blocks in the time you walk 3 blocks everywhere else. What's up with that?
Ok, ready to start a new week... Bring it!!!


  1. Great pics as always Elena; glad you found your way around NYC while we were kicking your son and husband... :D

    Looking forward to meeting you next time around; I've missed you this time.


    1. Sorry I missed you guys!!! Maybe next year? I hope you are having a blast while you are here in the good old US of A


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