Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Through their eyes - Charlestown

Hi there! Did you miss me? I took a little break from blogging to enjoy the holiday weekend. We had a great time with friends, but now I'm glad we are home... So many things to get caught up on, you know, the usual stuff...

We went on a whirlwind of a trip... To beautiful Charleston SC. Here are some favorites, a look through my kids eyes:

Starting the day with breakfast at Dixie Supply
Pimento cheese and fried green tomato omelet - Try not to drool, OK? - Kids enjoyed pancakes and croissant French toast... Yummy too!

Hanging around White Point Gardens

Buying little treasures at the Charleston City Market
Playing time and hanging out at the Waterfront Park

Nothing beats a hot afternoon like sitting on a swing enjoying a snack, am I right?

Taking a free ride on the trolley
And to keep things real, there were also lots of "I'm tired" and "It's so hot" - mostly from the kids ;)... Who can blame them, it was hot... As in excruciating hot...

We made the best of it, though... I think beer and Fro-Yo may have helped a little, just sayin'

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OK, ready to start a new week. Tomorrow, some more pictures from our long weekend.

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