Thursday, September 20, 2012

One last ode to Summer

Confession: Summer time in the ATL is not pretty, not pretty at all. Unbearable even. However, this year with the addition of our new patio, we were determined to make it a good one. The best way to fight the heat here in the South is to get an early start, when the temperatures are not so high. Later in the day when the sun is the strongest we try to spend it in the shade drinking a cold beverage and swinging in the hammock.

And just like that, I found the solution for beating the heat here the South, so, you are welcome!

Here are few of the pictures where I capture what made our Summer so special...

Sitting in the shade enjoying a hot afternoon in our new patio
Early morning walks
Blueberry picking
Water games in the backyard
Drinking Coca Cola  in the shade - From our visit to here
Eating watermelon
Summer, we'll see you again next year. For now, we have Fall to keep us company. Here are a few Fall activites we have in mind right now:

Lighting up the fire pit
Roasting marshmallows and making s'mores
Diving in a pile of leaves
Going apple picking
Going camping and hiking (and on my yearly scrapbooking retreat)
Beef Bourguignon, Raclette and onion soup

Welcome Fall, we are ready for you!

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