Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surprises from our garden

The fact that we can grow veggies from our little garden never ceases to amaze. Our compost pile has given us two types of squash this year. We even grew potatoes!!! Yes people, potatoes. Now, the potato plant did not come from the compost. Miss V got it by planting an old rooty potato... We never imagined we'd get potatoes...
The husband made a very delicious vegetable soup that included these garden potatoes... Now, how is that for cool! Here is the best part, growing a garden helps the kiddos get a whole new understanding of the food we eat and where it comes from. Isn't that cool?
Soup recipe from this book - The recipes from that book are on rotation at our house as of late... We love it!

To see what we have done with other surprises from our garden, go here.

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