Friday, August 17, 2012

Menu for the week

Fettucini with broccoli and pesto/Bruschettas
Chilli con carne
Cous cous with chickpeas
Broccoli and beef/Rice


Aldi $22
Kroger $40

Let's talk food economics, shall we?

This year's drought (which I am sure you have heard, ad nauseum) will hit our pocketbooks later this year and most likely into the next. The drought that has ripped through this summer’s Midwestern corn crop - The most severe in 25 years according to a USDA forecast -  will soon cause food prices to increase across the board. Also, with less feed corn and what is available sitting at a higher price point, farmers had started slaughtering their cattle. There will be higher food prices and possibly meat shortages in the coming months.

Here are some ideas to lessen the blow:
  • Make a weekly menu, follow a budget. Planning out your trip to the store will help you avoid unnecessary purchases... Sorry, I had to plug that in here.
  • Check the websites of your favorite food stores and find what the best deals are. Make your menu around it.
  • Use coupons whenever possible.
  • Use less processed food.
  • Eat less meat.
  • Try your hands at a Fall garden (lettuces, kale, brussels sprouts, beets are good crops for the Fall) if a garden is not for you, try buying fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Stock up on items when they are on sale, if you eat red meat, buy it now before the price increases... Also, avoid waste whenever possible.
Side note: The use of corn in this country is staggering. I've learned that about 75% of the food on supermarket shelves (processed foods) contains some form of corn. It’s the most widely grown crop in the United States and it has found its way into a lot more products than we realize. To learn more about it, I recommend watching King Corn, a great documentary and eye opener about the corn production in this country... Spoiler alert: It does not paint a good picture...

With that being said... Have a good weekend!

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