Friday, August 10, 2012

Menu for the week

Cream of butternut squash/Crostini
Grilled fish with tomato relish/Grilled zucchini and onion
Herbed oven roasted chicken breast/Steamed broccoli
Vegetable kebabs marinated in lemon and thyme/Yogurt raita/Warm naan bread


Aldi $27
Kroger $35

Have I mentioned before that 3 out of the 4 members of our family have birthdays in August? Have I not? Well, it is total insanity...

Birthday number one is coming down this weekend... Two more to go! Requested meal orders have been submitted and a date night is in the works while the kids hang out with their favorite pals... Everybody is happy.

School starts on Monday... Which means this weekend will also include some shopping and some organizing for the week ahead. We'll sprinkle a play date, a neighborhood cookout and more partying at a friend's house to keep things interesting... Never a dull moment around these parts.

Summer, where did you go??? I'm afraid to say it, but, I think I'm going to miss you...

Have a good weekend everybody!

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