Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Skellig Michael

..."But for the magic that takes you out, far out of this time and this world, there is Skellig Michael, ten miles off the Kerry Coast, shooting straight up 700 feet out of the Atlantic. Whoever has not stood in the graveyards at the summit of that cliff, among the beehive dwellings and their beehive oratory, does not know Ireland through and through. It is the beauty of Ireland that has made us what we are."

George Bernard Shaw

I feel privileged to have gone to this little special place on this beautiful planet of ours. Going to Skellig Michael was a bit of an adventure. I have heard that 4 out of the 7 weekly trips get cancelled due to weather conditions... On our trip, the water was choppy and once we arrived we had foggy conditions most of the way to the summit. Lucky for us, it disappeared as soon as we reached the summit. I could not believe our luck, we had beautiful weather the rest of the time! Having foggy conditions at the beginning worked to our advantage though, since it meant that the puffins would hang around on the island instead of going fishing which is what they would be doing if it was a sunny day...

The travel gods were looking out for us on that day... Lucky, lucky

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