Friday, July 13, 2012

Menu for the week

Oven roasted chicken/herbed quinoa/carrots and peas
Turkey lasagna/Salad
Vegetable stir fry/Rice
Shrimp tacos/mango salsa/black beans/green rice


Aldi $20
Costco $8
Kroger $37

This week was all sorts of crazy with the husband being out of town and me doing the whole single parent thing... God, to be a single parent... Not an easy job.

Some things that kept me occupied this week:
  • Finally watched Bill Cunningham New York - Am I the last person in the world to see this documentary?... I LOVED this little film.
  • Caught up with friends at after school activities
  • Watched The Newsroom three times - My new favorite show as of late. Totally obsessed.
  • A cake making marathon with our neighbor and 5 kiddoes. Wowza, talk about intense (five kids making and decorating their very own cakes... Crazy town to say the least) .
This weekend will be all about a very special visitor. Some fun plans are in the works. More on that later.

Enjoy your weekend everybody

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