Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easy skirts

Do you remember that once upon a time I used to make skirts for my little girl? (see proof here, here and here), well, not so much now... I've been busy. However, I have managed to complete two skirts thanks to fabric with elastic tops (you know, fabric with the elastic shirring on the top).

All you have to do is sew the sides and presto... You have a brand new skirt.

Or two

Great project for those starting to sew (no heming necessary)... You can make dresses too!

I spent $7 per skirt (fabric was on sale)... Not too bad, right?

Great for celebrating Midsummer with flowers on your head...

I hope your Summer is grand!


  1. Love them! I really need to learn to sew! Great job!

  2. Oh Kristina... Once you get into it you can't stop. Sewing is addictive. This skirts are so easy to make... they were done in no time. Try it!


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