Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anatomy of a traveler's day

6:15 AM Departed our cottage in England's Lake District to Wales to catch our ferry to Ireland
Goodbye cottage :(

10:00 AM Arrived in Hollihead, Wales. Returned our rental car an hour or so before the scheduled departure to Dublin, feeling relieved!

11:15 AM After fueling up on coffee we embarked on our ferry.
2:00 PM Arrived in Dublin, right on time

3:45 PM Departed from car rental place armed with a map and a GPS. Headed to County Tipperary.
5:00 PM Despite having coordinates and a map, got lost anyway. Stopped at a country store for directions and some sustenance for the following morning's breakfast.

5:15 PM Realized we had a flat tire... Bummer!!!. The husband changed the tire to the doughnut provided and started stressing about what to do since the following morning was a Sunday.
Glad someone is having a good time!

5:50 PM Found a tire place which was about to close. The nice man repaired our tire in no time and we were set back only by 15 Euros. We were back on the road in 15 minutes... Vacation saved!

6:15 PM Arrived at our cottage and got a tour by the mother of the owner. While waiting to meet the owner we made plans for the following morning while the kids ran outside in the beautiful gardens.
7:30 PM Properly met the owner of our cottage and got recommendations for dinner that night at a local pub, washed up and headed there in no time. We were all hungry.

7:45 PM Arrived at the local pub. It was completely full with locals watching the European Champions League's final {football - not the American kind}. Despite being full they got us a cozy table and we were surrounded by a lively group of fans... Had a delicious dinner while watching the game. We all got into it. Such a fun scene.
Dinner was delish... Can you tell?

10:00 PM Arrived to the cottage after a long day. Could not stop thinking about our whirlwind of a day and how much fun we had at the local pub. Went to bed with a smile on our faces feeling confident that the rest of our trip would be great, maybe we'll encounter few little bumps in the road but confident it will be good nonetheless.

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