Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Through their eyes - Scotland and England's Lake District

Hi all! Here I am with another edition of "Through their eyes" where I account for a few of my kids' favorite activities while visiting a new town/country. Let's begin, shall we...

Favorites from Scotland and Northern England.

A visit to Endinburgh Castle (jewels, cool armour and a killer view... 'nuff said)
A morning hike at Arthur's Seat - Endinburgh
A hike in England's lake district
(My husband and I have concluded that our kids are happiest when we go on hikes. No bickering or fighting. Truly family bliss. Stops for bug spotting, picture taking/drawings and a delicious picnic make our hikes so much better. A family activity we are committed to continue).

Afternoon stops for cream tea e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! (our favorite being at The Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow)
Visiting farms for some animal petting
Climbing city wall and exploring medieval York
A drizzling yet mystical walk at the ancient sites of Castlerigg and Hadrian's Wall (climbing allowed... Cool for sure)

Did you like it? But wait... There is more! Come back tomorrow, I will be sharing the kiddos' favorites from lovely Ireland.

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