Friday, June 22, 2012

Menu for the week

Miso Soup and California rolls
Vegetable stir fry
Club sandwiches and oven fried potatoes
Tomato, spinach and tortellini soup


Aldi $26
Kroger $14
Costco $14
Super H Mart $14

We are back with our weekly menues!... Things have been a bit crazy ever since we got back from our vacation. I had visitors in town and went out of town too... Busy, busy. We are now back to our little family of 4 and trying to get back into a rhythm (as much as we can, since the kiddos are on Summer break).

Plans for the weekend include a whole lot of nothing... Maybe this will be the weekend that I finally get to do some sewing and yard beautifying.... And speaking of the yard... I can't wait to share pictures!!! We have been doing some work on it... It's coming along nicely.

I hope your weekend is grand! See you all on Monday.

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