Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mallorca sandwiches

To me, you cannot go to Puerto Rico without visiting "La Bombonera" for breakfast and ordering Mallorcas with cafe con leche.

Ok, let's talk about La Bombonera first. This establishment is a rich part of Puerto Rico’s culture.  It is on Calle San Francisco in Old San Juan and was established in 1902. We just loved this place. Sitting at the bar was such a treat. You must get there early otherwise you will be waiting for a long time to be seated...
Pan de Mallorca is a sweet, coiled bread (similar to a brioche) and dusted with copious amounts of powdered sugar. We order ours with egg, cheese and bacon (or ham). The perfect combination of sweet and savory.

You can find a recipe to make your very own mallorcas here. I bought some already made and carefully brought it home to recreate those delicious sandwiches for breakfast.

What I love most about traveling is the memories we get to bring back home with us... Food, of course, plays a big part of it. When I am feeling adventurous I like to recreate those meals so I inmediately get transported back to that time. Below is a list (with the link) of some of the other recipes I have recreated from our trips.

Gallo pinto and Chilerita from Costa Rica
Skyr cake and hot dogs from Iceland
Huevos Rancheros and Mayan Red Bull from Mexico
Crepes with Nutella, French onion soup and Socca from France
Rösti from Switzerland
Beignets from New Orleans
Pavlova from Australia

Check some of the other recipes I have made here

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