Friday, May 25, 2012

Guestroom update

I found this chuncky picture frame in Goodwill ($5). I did not particularly like the writing but liked the large frame so I bought it with the intention of painting it and framing some pretty art in it.
I thought it would look cool if I framed just one picture instead of 4 so I cut a large picture (into 4ths) I took on our trip to Iceland and framed it. I think it looks cool.
I spray painted some old mix-matched frames that I had...
To make a uniform look I spray painted them in white. I even cut my own mats to frame some art I have. It was more economical, convenient and gave me the fredoom to customize the mat to the pictures I was framing (as always, I framed postcards and street art that I have collected from our travels)
I like the way they look, cohesive and uniform even though they are completely different frames.

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