Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guestroom update

I wanted a white headboard for the bed in our guestroom but after searching Craigslist without success and several websites (too expensive) I decided to paint one on the wall... Here is what we did:
I measured the size of the headboard (size of the bed plus a couple of inches on each side) tape with painters tape (in this picture it looks a little crooked - it is because of the angle of the picture - don't worry, it came out straight).

Roll on satin white paint (you can use black or any other color you desire)

Peel the tape before it is completely dry.
Enjoy your new headboard

And for giggles... I leave with some pictures from my kid's new favorite photo prop

Friday, May 25, 2012

Guestroom update

I found this chuncky picture frame in Goodwill ($5). I did not particularly like the writing but liked the large frame so I bought it with the intention of painting it and framing some pretty art in it.
I thought it would look cool if I framed just one picture instead of 4 so I cut a large picture (into 4ths) I took on our trip to Iceland and framed it. I think it looks cool.
I spray painted some old mix-matched frames that I had...
To make a uniform look I spray painted them in white. I even cut my own mats to frame some art I have. It was more economical, convenient and gave me the fredoom to customize the mat to the pictures I was framing (as always, I framed postcards and street art that I have collected from our travels)
I like the way they look, cohesive and uniform even though they are completely different frames.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Giving a little bit of love to our guestroom

I have this blog to thank for giving me the encouragement to complete projects around the house. Our guestroom was in need of some serious love. It had a hideous wall paper border. It was painted in a dark blue color and worst of all... It was our dumping ground for everything we did not love. So in the period of a few {hard working} months we removed wall paper, painted and rearranged the furniture to make it more cozy for our future guests - in other words... The main objective was to use as little money as possible by using stuff we already own. I kept the spending to a minimum, I am happy about that.

Unfortunately, I could not find my before pictures... I know, I am kicking myself about this...

Let's start with the bed. I wanted a new head board but did not want to buy a new one, so I decided to paint one.
What about them antlers?
I found them a in a dumpster in Atlantic Station... I love them, the husband is not too keen... He'll get there...
Our books found a home in a new bookshelf from Ikea

An office nook for the husband. Purchased a new {more comfortable}chair from Ikea and a lamp from Goodwill.

We spray painted an old day bed in white to go with the rest of the room (side table from Goodwill).
Some more details:

Did you like the overall look at our guestroom? Come stay with us! A much improved room is waiting for some visitors.

I want to share some projects I worked on in this room... They were easy so I thought it would be a good idea to share what I did... I may get too inspired...

PS: In the interest of keeping things real, I must tell you that the guest room has not stayed as nice as it is above pretty much after I took these pictures... This is the place were I like to pack for vacation and can I tell you... Preparing for our trip to Ireland, the room looked like a bomb exploded in there... Got to get it ready for when my parents come to visit... I've got to get busy...

Friday, May 18, 2012

New York City Highlights

Scenes from (my favorite) Highline Park

And a stroll in Greenwich Village

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Monday, May 14, 2012

New York City Highlights

Scenes from Liberty island and Ellis island + other landmarks

Grand Central Station

Times Square

 Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Want to see more NYC landmarks? Check out my pictures from the Brooklyn Bridge