Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stencil freezer paper project

A project for my little man... For a change
I have been wanting to try stenciling on t-shirts for awhile and once I found these cute animals I thought this was the perfect time to try it. All the animals are cute but some are more difficult than others. I picked one of the easiest and went for it

Here is what you do:

Print the page with the animal of your choice. Increase to your desired size.
Trace the animal to freezer paper
With an exacto knife cut around it
Iron to a blank t-shirt in desired location
Before you start applying the paint put a piece of cardboard right underneath of the areas you are going to paint to avoid the paint to seep through.
Apply paint with a foam brush
Wait until it dries and iron
Peel freezer paper and launder as usual

Oh so rad...
I used leftover paint from this project. I have another one (for Miss V) in the works. Coming soon.

Animal font found here

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