Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seeking a little bit of sunshine

And some inspiration...

"Seek happiness not in life’s comforts; the familiarity of routine, the apparent safety of the known. These things will bring no lasting happiness; will not provide the deep satisfaction of a life well-lived.

True happiness can be found instead in that area of life that is lived outside one’s zone of comfort. Seek challenge and adventure! Push the mind and body beyond currently perceived boundaries! Drop the safety net and take a leap of faith.

Let your dreams, not the expectations of others, determine the table of contents of your life’s book. Your life is your story to write. Write it well! Do not content yourself to be anything less than a daring hero in your own story. Do good deeds, and set out on great adventures. If the journey is challenging and is approached with vigor, the trip will have been well worthwhile."

~ Sandman
(Wise words from the husband)

We are heading out of town for Spring break. Hoping to get some sun and soaking in some new cultural experience. I'll be back with regular postings soon. In my absence, I will be sharing some pictures from our trip to Iceland...

Let the sunshine in...

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