Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rescuing an old t-shirt - Ombre dyeing

A dingy old T-shirt gets a new life by doing an Ombre dye.

Ombre dyeing is all the rage these days... This white t-shirt I had was looking so sad... The white color had turned off-white and it had a stain. I decided to dye it and try this Ombre technique... Here is how you do it.:

Launder t-shirt to remove any finishes that may prevent absorption of dyes.
Follow package instructions to prepare the dye (I used RIT dye; Color: Golden yellow)
Wet t-shirt and squeeze out excess water. Immerse the bottom one fourth of the t-shirt in dye bath for 3 minutes, gently moving it back and forth and up and down.

Then dip the second fourth of the t-shirt in dye bath for 2 minutes, gently lifting and lowering it to create lighter and darker shades or until desired shade is achieved.
Do the same with the third quarter of the t-shirt for one minute.
Then, wearing rubber gloves, quickly dip t-shirt in dye bath just long enough to achieve a very light shade.
Remove fabric from dye bath and wring out excess dye. Rinse fabric under cool running water, holding the lightest color at the top. This allows the dye to flow through to the darkest area. Then rinse fabric in warm water, until water runs clear.
Wash fabric in warm water with detergent. Rinse thoroughly and wring out excess water. Machine dry or hang to dry.

It looks like the sunshine, right? That's what Miss V said when she saw it... I think I love it! I may try it again with another shirt, you know, for good measure.

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  1. Very cute are such the crafty one! Can't wait for this weekend!


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