Monday, March 5, 2012

Pictures from the weekend

Determined to document a great (mostly unplugged) weekend

Eating delicious breakfasts (the husband is the world's best omelette maker)

Cookie making frenzy (my freezer is stocked up with 2 different kinds of cookie logs)

Receiving gifts all the way from South Africa. Really!... Thank you for the goodies, virtual friend!

A retro outfit that I had to photograph (the sweater used to be mine, from when I was a kid! My mom bought it when we when to Mexico City - needless to say, ages ago)

An overcast morning translated to bird watching from our window
I did manage to finish a project... Adding a canopy (adorned by pretty dragonflies) to Miss V's much improved big girl room... A big bed for my not-yet-so-big-girl... Suffice to say, she loves it!

We also... Took naps, watched movies (and the Sunday morning news), ate yummy food...

It was a good weekend. I hope yours was grand!

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